Underlook, Under-Horse

Under-Horse Prints Medium 42 x 30

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We have created a limited number of Under-Horse Prints, so you could have a possibility to be a part of our future projects. Every bought print will be a huge support to make bigger and more amazing projects such as Under-Tiger (Under-Big-Cats).

Medium Under-Horse Print:

Size: 42 cm x 30 cm

Amount: 100 prints of each picture, the only in the world.

General Infromation:

  • High quality paper which can sustain the image up to 140 years. 
  • Prints are ready for framing.
  • Every picture will be signed and numbered.
  • Orders are sent in one week after each purchase.
  • There will be no watermark on a purchased picture.
  • That will get us closer to a new project. 🐾


    For more project information visit: www.underlook.org

    Photos by Andrius Burba.