Under-Crew from Lithuania has grown since our viral project called "Under-Cats" has been released.

Initially we have started with fifty photos taken of cats from underneath. It was published by a German book publisher "Riva". This is why the book is called ''Unter-Katzen" (eng. Under-Cats). Recently were was published a second book with dogs called "Unter-Hunden" (eng. Under-Dogs).

Besides that we were also happy to announce our newest project called "Under-Horse"! You can finally see how does the horse look like from underneath and we assure you that it looks way better than you might have expected. 

In this shop you can find and adopt our clothing too. We created clothing for people who want to be a part of this idea. It is a unique clothing, handmade with love and care from high quality materials.

You can follow us on facebook for our newest projects or you can visit our website www.underlook.org to get more knowledge about the project itself.


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